What is a substitute for beef consomme?


It is possible to substitute beef consommé with either beef broth or beef bullion cubes. For a vegetarian beef consommé substitute, try vegetable consommé or mushroom broth.

Consommé is a clear, strong, richly flavored broth that can either be served as a first course of a meal in French culinary cooking or used as a base for other dishes. Generally in cooking, it is best to use actual consommé as most of its substitutes do not have the same rich flavor. This is because consommé is made using roasted bones that help give it its thickness and strengthen the flavor of the broth.

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1. Divide the amount of condensed beef broth called for in the recipe by two. If the recipe calls for 6 cups of condensed beef broth, your result would be 3 cups. The result is the
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They make vegetable consomme. Zest it up: add very caramelized red onions right out of the pan (and some red wine if you like) and simmer for a few hours. You'll be left with a dark
I often use OXO cubes or in liquid form. . goldie080. 42 months ago.
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