What is a good substitute for Burgundy wine?


Pinot noir is a good substitute for Burgundy wine, according to Wine Spectator magazine. Burgundy refers to the area of France that produces the wine, although many people simply use the term to refer to a quality red wine.

The area of Burgundy is well known for its pinot noir, a red wine that ranges from light to medium body. Pinot noir is produced in many regions, and any variety is acceptable as a substitute for Burgundy. Pinot noir is a dry wine that has fruit notes, as well as earthy, spicy characteristics. The Burgundy region also produces Chardonnay, which some recipes refer to as white Burgundy.

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A good pinot noir.
Merlot. I have used Merlot alot in cooking and you cannot tell the difference.
The reds of Burgundy are made primarily from Pinot Noir grapes, except in Beaujolais
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