What is a good substitute for savory spice?


About.com advises the use of warm Italian or French herbs like sage, marjoram or thyme to replace the herb savory. Savory is a warm herb that belongs to the mint family.

Savory comes in two basic varieties: winter and summer. Both have a hint of mint, along with notes of sage or thyme; they are also somewhat spicy like arugula or radish leaves. The winter variety goes well with stronger flavors, such as beef roast or even lamb. Summer savory is lighter, so it goes well with more delicate dishes like quiche or simple vegetable soups. The dried variety is usually summer savory.

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A member of the mint family of herbs, summer savory originates in southern Europe and has been used in food preparation for over 2,000 years. Savory is grown year round. There is
It depends on what you are cooking but tarragon has a similar flavor (especially in sauces that accompany fish or eggs) OR fennel leaves (as a garnish; looks very similar) Just an
Savory could be compared to thyme (particularly, thyme harvested in summer)
Savory: a herb so bold and peppery in its flavor that since the time of the Saxons it has come to denote not only the herb itself, but also a whole segment of cooking. It is synonymous
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