What causes a sweet-smelling body odor?


Sweet smelling body odor is a sign that there is something wrong with your body. It may be a sign of a medical condition and you should consult your doctor about the problem if it persists. Alcoholism may activate another condition that causes sweet smelling body odor, called ketoacidosis. If someone is an alcoholic and gives off a sweet smelling odor after they drink, then they are also diabetic. Diabetic ketoacidosis is when the diabetic is having alot of problems regulating their blood sugar because of the alcohol entering their system. Usually, the breath of the person will also smell like fruit.
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You usally get body odours around the ages 10-13 usally. Anyway it comes from after you did a jog,run,lifting waits, ext. So it is probabley just preduced from inside the body after
1. Pretreat garment with an enzyme-based product soak or scrub the underarm area with laundry detergent. Launder as usual. 2. Place the article of clothing in a bucket of warm water
I think it is similar to looking at yourself in the mirror. No matter how ugly you look, you still look at yourself in the mirror and try to fix your hair or put on some makeup and
My hands smell sweet, my sweat, and my urine. (sorry, lol) I do not have diabetes, but I am currently on a diet. While I'm at college I'll usually consume a parfait and 16 ...show
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