What are the symptoms of a bad coil pack?


Some of the symptoms of a bad coil pack include the loss of spark in one or more cylinders, a rough idle, a lack of power in the vehicle, a drop in the revolutions per minute during acceleration, a blinking check engine light or a check engine light that stays on for a period of time, and a gas warning light that comes on even when there is gas in the vehicle. In most cases when the coil pack is bad it will need to be replaced completely.
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Your engine will run poorly, rough, lack power, etc. as if it isn't running on all cylinders (because it isn't) It may or may not start poorly, or at all. It will likely be burning
1. Open the hood of the vehicle and remove the electrical connector from the coil pack. This is located next to the engine oil dipstick in the engine compartment. 2. Connect a spark
You may have a bad ignition coil if your vehicle is experiencing misfires, a feeling that
The easiest way is by substituting a known good one.
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Bad Coil Pack Symptoms
A vehicle's coil pack consists of very thin wires wrapped around a central core. After the coil pack receives electricity from the battery, it send a high voltage charge to the spark plugs, controlling the power and fuel efficiency of a vehicle. There... More »
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