Symptoms of a Bad Harmonic Balancer?


Some of the symptoms of a bad harmonic balancer include loud vibration that comes from the engine compartment, damage to belts or very noise belt operation, and a lack of start or bad ignition timing. The harmonic balancer is the portion of the vehicle that is supposed to maintain vibration levels that are low through the crankshaft and throughout the entire engine. In most cases the first sign of a bad harmonic balancer is an abrupt change in the noises of the engine.
Q&A Related to "Symptoms of a Bad Harmonic Balancer?"
1. A harmonic balancer does not stop engine vibrations from reaching the rest of the car. 2. The only way to tell if one has slipped is to check for TDC or top dead center and its
About the only thing that goes wrong with the factory balancer is the elastomer wears out and the outer ring can move. This would make it hard to set the ignition timing since you
The fan clutch is connected to the water pump. The harmonic balancer is the crank pulley. If the fan clutch/pulley the fan clutch is attached to is sloppy than the water pump is bad
There is a special puller that has to be used on this model. I'm currently doing a rebuild on my car like yours and had the same problem. Unfortunatley we went through every pulley
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