Symptoms of a Bad Strut Mount?


Some of the most common symptoms of a bad strut mount might include clunking or grinding noises that come from the front of the vehicle. Other symptoms include knocking sounds that are most common as the vehicle passes over bumps or speed bumps in the road. Steering issues such as sloppy steering or changes in the position of the steering wheel when continuing in a straight line are also symptoms of bad strut mounts in some vehicles.
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I have a 1990 Chevy Lumina and when you hear clunking sounds when going over bumps or dips or if you have ever replaced your strut assembly you should replace the mounts. You can
The strut has to come apart to replace the mount, which is why they want to do the struts also. Open the hood you can see the top end of the strut mount at the wheel well, bounce
Open your hood, hold the brake down or put on the E brake, have a buddy watch your engine from THE SIDE OF THE CAR... while holding the brake down FIRMLY, ease on the gas.... in the
bad rack and pinion might have few different symptoms, to name few:
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