What Causes a Metal Taste in the Mouth?


The causes of a metal taste in your mouth could be chewing on a metal pen or a possible sinus infection. Holding a crystal in the palm of your hand can cause that too for some strange reason. Might want to see a Dr. if it persists. For more
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Dysgeusia (dis-GOOZ-ee-a) is the scientific term for a metallic taste in the mouth. This problem has several possible causes. Medications, medical or dental conditions, as well as
It is a lactic acid buildup during anaerobic respiration, and
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If when you light a cigarette, you get the taste of blood in your mouth, it could mean that your taste buds have changed, or it could also mean that the cigarette ...
A copper taste in the mouth can be caused by pregnancy, high blood pressure, gingivitis or kidney stones. A metallic taste is actually quite common. ...
If you're on a low-carb diet or you're diabetic, you may sometimes notice a funny taste in your mouth. When your blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, is low ...
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