What is the proper tattoo needle depth?


The proper tattoo needle depth varies depending on the application. Shading and some color techniques do require a deeper penetration of the skin. With the skin having three layers, the needle should not penetrate past the dermis layer. The dermis layer is the second layer. The epidermis is the top layer and the subcutaneous layer is the tissue layer. Some artists are able to practice on cadavers, which makes it easier to get a feel for real skin.
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1. There are 7 layers in human skin, the ink should only enter under the first layer, and not deeper than the second layer. 2. Use the skill "Riding the tube" It need more
Before using tatoo equipment I'd consult someone with the expertise to use
1. Find an autoclave. Visit your local tattoo shop and ask the proprietor where he purchased his tattoo equipment. You can also buy autoclaves at medical supply stores online or by
this is an exerpt from an artical on ehow ,com How to Make Tattoo Machines Work Better Ensure your needle is set properly to avoid ink becoming clogged and not flowing properly. Insert
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