How to Teach mental health.?


1. List and distinguish thoughts such as: "It's cold this morning, emotional feelings such as "I feel sad, and actions such as hitting the snooze button when the alarm buzzes. Explain that these thoughts, feelings, and actions are normal as people go
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A mental model is simply a representation of an external reality inside your head. Mental models are concerned with understanding knowledge about the world. While mental models can
well no matter what the age you have to be kind slow and nice with them. its kind of like teaching a young child, they needc attention and if you are strict they get the wrong impression
Mental models (internal representations of external realities) are required to comprehend discourse and
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A mental model refers to an explanation of a person's thought processes on how something works in the real world. It is simply a representation of external reality ...
To teach a child that has mental retardation, you will need to give teach them a little at a time and step by step. They will need frequent breaks, a calm atmosphere ...
Qualities favourable in teachers include empathy, positive mental attitude, open minded, role model, creative, have a sense of humour, good presentation skills ...
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