How ml equals teaspoon?


1 tsp = 5 ml.
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One teaspoon is equal to 4.928922 milliliters.
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1 teaspoon = 4.93 ml. Just think of every time you had to take some yucky tasting cough medicine as a child it was usually measured out in teaspoons. Can you imagine how many milliliters
One teaspoon is equal to 5 ml. Can't text? Call 1-800-2ChaCha!
1 teaspoon = 5 ml. Usually the pharmacist will give you something to measure with. Otherwise you can buy a device that measures in ml, for $1-2.
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15 milliliters of fluid equates to 3 teaspoons. In the US, a teaspoon is held to have a capacity of 5 milliliters. When rounded, teaspoons have a greater capacity ...
One ML (milliliter) is equal to 0.202884 teaspoons. Five milliliters is equal to 1.01442. The milliliter is a common form of measuring liquids and teaspoons are ...
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