How are Fahrenheit and Celsius different?


For water. Fahrenheit uses 32 degrees as the freezing point and 212 as the boiling point. Celsius uses 0 degrees as the freezing point and 100 as the boiling point. So, any temperature in Fahrenheit can be converted to a temperature in Celsius by
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A German scientist and instrument maker, Gabriel Fahrenheit, invented the Fahrenheit scale in 1724. He used three points to establish his scale-the temperature of water, ice and salt
To change from fahrenheit to celsius first you subtract 32 degrees and then you would take that number and multiply it by 5/9 to get your celsius.
Both temperatures measure the same thing using different numbers. T...
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The difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit is 32Â °C. Both of these measurements are used in the measurement of temperature where one Fahrenheit ...
The main difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius is their relative values for both the freezing points and boiling points. On the Celsius scale, the freezing ...
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