How to Draw a Spitting Cobra.?


1. Draw an oval in the middle of your paper. This will be the snake's head. From the back of the oval, draw a squiggly line that will become the neck of your cobra. Draw in pencil so you can erase any mistakes. 2. Draw a half-moon shape that comes
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Spitting cobras are a group of snakes in the Naja genus that have the ability to eject venom from their fangs. The venom can cause permanent blindness when it's ejected into the eyes.
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the spitting cobras have a angry behavior if they see humans the can spit. poison. up to 5 m distance.the poison if entered the can make a person blind.
Adult spitting cobras have a average length of 90 - 120 cm, rarely 150 cm but this will
1. Expect severe local pain to occur instantly. The eye will probably begin to water and there may be ulceration of the. cornea. [1] 2. Treat the same as for a. chemical injury to
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A blacked-necked spitting cobra is a spitting cobra species found in sub-Saharan Africa and it can also be referred to as naja nigricollis. The weight of the cobra ...
The Red Spitting Cobra can be identified by its characteristic red color, which darkens, as the cobra ages. The venom from such a Cobra can cause death in some ...
The black spitting cobra is a moderate sized snake species that grows to 1.2 to 2.2 metres and is commonly found in sub-Saharan Africa. The snake is said to be ...
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