Theme Names for Fashion Shows?


Theme names for fashion shows try to link the fashions to something timely, like the seasons. Theme names for fashion shows can also link the reason for the show to a charitable cause. An example could be, Spring's the Thing to benefit Easter Seals.
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1. Design invitations that are in the shape of a dress or a stylish T-shirt. You can even use real fabric to create a more realistic feel to the invitation. Tell your guests to dress
Fashion Show ideas: Well here they are.3. Once you know you are going to have a fashion show you have to pick the people and the great theme for it.And great costumes. Beach frontier
Some themes are: 1960's style, future clothing with bulbs,music etc, spring
That sounds like fun! Some of the things I thought up of have lame names so you might want to come up with new ones. Here are a few ideas: hollywood/red carpet - decorate with red
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