What Is the Meaning of the Thumb Ring?


A ring with an ornate design. According to the anthropology museum at the University of Missouri, "Early examples of archers' thumb rings have been found in Zhou dynasty (1100 - 221 B.C. graves in China. They were made of leather, bone, wood and
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The Significance of Thumb Rings
Thumb rings have been worn by both men and women throughout history. This unique piece of jewelry is more than a simple fashion statement: it has many meanings including signifying status to a classification of one's sexual orientation.... More »
Source: www.ehow.com
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For most people these days - no it means nothing.
It has been said that Julia Roberts started the trend in her movie "Dying Young". One of the biggest reason why people wear thumb rings is just like any other trend, because
It has been referenced to homosexual men. A small way to let each other know what they are looking for.
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There is a myth that wearing a thumb ring means your gay. In reality, wearing a thumb ring means you like to have a ring on your thumb. ...
What thumb rings mean depends on the individual wearing the ring. You will hear a different meaning with each person you ask. There are people who claim that it ...
Wearing a ring on the thumb for a man means that the person wearing the ring has a strong will, as the thumb finger has the symbolic meaning of strong will in ...
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