What are Tiger Lily tattoos?


Tiger Lily tattoos are tattoos of Tiger Lilies that can be found on the arms, legs, back, wrists, ankles, or neck. The Tiger Lily is a brightly-colored flower with dark spots. The bright colors bring out a person's personality and create a unique look. The tattoos can be for men and women. Flames or other symbols can be tattooed with the Tiger Lily to create a distinctive scene. The Tiger Lily is a symbol of pride, beauty, and prosperity. It signifies wealth and power for the wearer.
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Tiger Lily means. The Tiger lily means "I dare you to love me"
1. Dig up existing plants. 2. Break the roots apart. 3. Look for a bulb on the root. 4. Plant the root with a bulb (roots facing down) in a desired location.
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n. An eastern Asian perennial (Lilium lancifolium) having large black-spotted reddish-orange flowers with reflexed petals and purplish bulbils in the leaf axils.
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