How can you fix a toilet flapper leak?


Some reasons the new toilet flapper leaks is because the valve seat is dirty, or the valve seat is damaged. If the chain to the flapper is too short, the flapper will not sit in the seat correctly. If the chain is too long, the extra length could get caught under the flapper causing it to not seal.
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Inside the tank, the flapper rests in the valve seat of the flush valve assembly. If there is corrosive buildup on this seat, even a new flapper will be prevented from fully shutting
1. Lift the top off the tank of the toilet carefully and set it somewhere where it won’t get broken. Ad. 2. Look inside the toilet tank. You should see a white plastic tube
If it is leaking from the flapper and the flapper is new it is possible that you need a new flapper seat. You can buy a kit to replace it. The seat can have deposits on it that prevent
On the seat of the Douglas valve.
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