How to Pierce Your Tongue?


Wow, this is not something I would do to myself! With the veins and nerves that run through the tongue, you could do permanent damage. But, if you feel brave and confident, make sure you have enough knowledge to do it safely. Look here for more
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1. Finding a piercing artist isn't difficult. Finding a reputable one is. Ask around. The community of people who enjoy piercings the most are very close-knit and they'll be able
To pierce a tongue you should have a professional do the piercing. To do it yourself you purchasing a piercing kit. The kits should include forceps, sterile piercing needles, tweezers
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Right after getting your tongue pierced it is important to stick for the most part to a liquid diet. Soft foods are also fine to eat, but avoid anything spicy. ...
No foods are off limits after having your tongue pierced. Eat whatever does not cause you pain as you heal. Your initial stud is often longer than necessary, so ...
A person can get their tongue pierced at a place that does a lot of piercings and that only employs piercers with piercing licenses is most advisable. Note that ...
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