How to Make An Investigatory Project?


An investigatory project should include: (1) Abstract (2) Research Paper and (3) Visual Display. The abstract for the project should specify the purpose of the experiment, procedures used, data and conclusions. The Research Paper helps in organizing
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Elements of a Good Investigatory Project
Investigatory projects allow you to apply the scientific method to the world around you. They don't need to be expensive or complicated, but expect to put some time into planning and careful thinking. Every school has its own guidelines, so be sure to... More »
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1. Select a topic to research. A list of topics may be supplied by the instructor to select from. Students may also select topics which interests them. Be sure to check with the instructor
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A review on Tissue Engineering and DNA Fingerprinting. ...
Many students struggle with coming up with interesting but doable physics investigatory project topics. Physics is a large branch of natural sciences that involve ...
An investigatory project is also known as an experimental project and is one which is used to show how something might behave if certain conditions are added to ...
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