How to Talk to Your Girlfriend?


Talking to your girlfriend is not as hard as you think. Sometimes when a girl is upset she will test you to see how well you know her. For example: You say what is wrong and she says nothing and gets up and leaves the room. To her you failed. The
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Try to let her steer the conversation. Eventually you will discover mutual interests & can dwell on those. Girls like a man that is interested in all of them, not just their bodies
What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book? and Who's your favorite Muppet? are
1. Tell her she's beautiful. Women are under a lot of pressure to look good, and they need to know that their boyfriends find them attractive. Be specific when you compliment her.
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Some ideas for what to talk about with your girlfriend are her views on life, your future together, local, national, or international news, come up with some date ...
Some things to talk about to your girlfriend include things that you two want do together during the next couple of weeks. It is always a good idea to talk to ...
Some random and good topics to talk about include favorite books, good movies and food preference. The specific topic should be enjoyed by the two people talking ...
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