Who Will Win Total Drama Island?


I have no idea. My kids watch this show all the time so I'm sure they have their favorites. A quick search of the Internet shows it is a popular show on Cartoon Network with plenty of fan sites like this one
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Total Drama Wiki is a wiki focusing on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island (which will be debut at an unknown date), four Canadian animated television series... More>>
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1. Create an account on Teletoon. Enter your username, first name and password to create your "Total Drama Island" account. 2. Enter your character name and your email address
1 FIND OUT THE TIME, CHANNEL & DATES- get a calender and mark every airing day. Make sure you DON'T plan things on these days. Ad 2 REMIND YOURSELF CONSTANTLY TO WATCH- sticky
if u mean total drama island then i know who won, (i dont remember his name T~T) but he was the bigg guy -w- (i dun wanna say fat.
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Total Drama Reloaded's great Has not yet been determined. This TV shows currently on its fourth season. Season five has also been announced and is in the making. ...
Total Drama World Tour is a television series in Canada. It is the third season of the franchise. It started with Total Drama Island. Total Drama Action came next ...
Total Drama is a Canadian animated television series. The show has 5 seasons and 120 episodes. The fourth season is called Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. ...
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