Tracking Money Orders?


Tracking money orders may be needed to verify a payment. Using the tracking numbers listed on the money order, the issuing bank can provide the needed information.
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1. For postal money orders, take your receipt and the tear-off receipt to the post office. 2. Fill out a form 6401 and pay a fee of $5.20. 3. After the U.S. Postal Service runs the
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1 Locate the MoneyGram serial number. It's typically located on the left edge of the MoneyGram stub. Without this number, you will have to fill out a Lost Serial Number form available
Need to know how to cash a money order? Cashing a money order can be confusing and frustrating if you are unsure of what to do first, but the process is easier once you know where
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How to Track a Money Order
Using money orders to pay bills or send money to someone is as safe as using a check. Money orders all have a tracking number or serial number that can be tracked. How you go about tracking them will depend on who you purchased the money order from. It's... More »
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Tracking a money order is simple. On every money order is a receipt that you can tear off. On the receipt is a money order number as well as a phone number for you to be able to track it.
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