How to Transfer the Title of a Mobile Home in Texas.?


1. Print out a copy of the Statement of Ownership and Location (SOL) application form. 2. Decide whether you want regular or priority handling of the application. Regular handling means the application will be processed and completed within 15
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In order to obtain a title to your mobile home you will need to ask the person you bought the mobile home from for the title once you have purchased it. If you have purchased the
It varies by county. I do know in Bakersfield is about 42 bucks.
You should contact an escrow office in the area the mobile home is located & ask what closing costs are associated to your situation (Grantor/Seller pays what & Grantee/Buyer
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To transfer title of a home you will need an attorney to complete the paperwork. Once the papers have been drawn up, they need to be submitted to the courthouse ...
If you need to replace a lost title to a mobile home, the place to start would be your local Department of Motor Vehicles. The mobile home should have a S/N number ...
Most states have detailed information listed on how they handle processing a request for a duplicate or copy of a title for a mobile home. In most cases, you will ...
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