How do you plant a tree from a seed pod?


Planting a tree from a seed pod is a delicate process and depends on the species of the tree; most seed pods require either scarification or stratification in order for germination to take place. Germination of tree seed pods happens in nature only under particular circumstances. The key to artificial germination is to recreate those circumstances.

Propagation of trees is accomplished through grafting or germinating seed pods. Seed propagation is difficult but not impossible. Most seed pods require one of two processes to germinate: scarification or stratification.

Scarification is required for most hard coated seeds, such as the persimmon. They have a hard outer shell that must be broken down before germination can occur.

Stratification is the storage of a seed pod in a specific medium at a set temperature for a period of dormancy. This is required for trees such as walnut and hickory. Pecan, Oak and Sycamore do not need any germination treatment before planting.

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