How do you turn off Scroll Lock?


The Scroll Lock key is useful when using a spreadsheet program. When the Scroll Lock is off your arrow keys will move by one cell. When the Scroll Lock is on your arrow keys will move you by the row or column instead of individual cells. Most keyboards have a scroll lock button, If by some chance it does not, you can go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Ease of Access, On-Screen Keyboard. When the keyboard appears click on slk button and use the corner x to get rid of the keyboard.
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1. Click "Start" (the Windows-logo button on the lower-left-hand corner of the screen) 2. Open the Microsoft Excel application by clicking on the "Programs" tab
hit scroll lock and again and it will go off push the scroll lock key on the upper right of your key board
One way is to click Start>Run. Type osk and click OK or press Enter. When the On Screen Keyboard appears, click on the SLK key. Presto! Kind of a pain, but at least you can do
1 Locate the space bar. Look three keys to the left of the space bar; you will find a button marked "Ctrl". Above that is shift, and above shift is a button marked "
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How to Turn Off Scroll Lock
The Scroll Lock is a key on your keyboard that, when engaged, allows you to use the arrow keys to scroll through text on your screen rather than move your cursor. This function, though, is getting less popular; you can only use it with a handful of... More »
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