What are some good ideas for twin day?


get the same shirt and pants (or shorts) then take ur twins shoe and one of ur shoes and then ur twin will have one of each and so will u.
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Good Ideas for Twin Day at School
School spirit is important at any educational institution. One way that school spirit can be generated is through organizing theme days that enhance a student's overall academic experience. One of the most popular theme days in elementary school, middle... More »
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Angel and devil, Raggedy Ann/Andy, Salt & Pepper shakers, do a famous couple,
1. Examine the wooden twin bed frame to see if it is sturdy and in good shape. The frame should not wobble; if it does, try tightening the bolts with a wrench. If part of the frame
I think you should each dress up as a building block and each put you initial on one side and the other on the back or you could all be a type of candy like gummy bears or m and ms
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There are various ideas for twin day. One can dress up as evil or good twin. Evil twin could be dressed in black while the good one in white. One can also go for ...
A good idea for twin day would be to wear matching T-shirts. You could also wear matching hairstyles and perfumes. ...
Halloween costume ideas for twins can be great to express your creativity. You could be Mario and Luigi or Princess Peach and Daisy or Toad and Toadette. Other ...
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