What is the value of a $2 bill?


The value of a two dollar bill is 2 dollars. The value has not risen for the 2 dollar bills as of December 2012.
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A modern green-seal two dollar bill has a value of $2.00. Just ask for them at your local bank.
Most people save two dollar bills, thinking they are rare and therefore
Things You'll Need. 1 $2 Bill. 1 $20 Bill. Tape. A Ring. Take the bill and lay it flat with Jefferson's face looking in your direction. Fold the white top edge down and the white
I am an avid user of two-dollar bills. What I've come away with is three things: Most people don't realize that two dollar bills still exist, and are available at almost every bank.
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What Are Two Dollar Bills Worth?
Two-dollar bills have been issued by the United States in one form or another since 1862 and still exist as Federal Reserve Notes, though they are not commonly circulated. As collectors' items, they have a wide variety of values depending on age,... More »
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