Types of Isotopes?


There are four basic types of isotopes: Even/Even, Odd/Odd, Even/Odd, and Odd/Even. The first value refers to the number of protons and the second the number of neutrons. The first two have spin zero in their ground states while the last two usually have spin 1/2 making them fermions.
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The four types of isotopes are: Long-lived radioactive nuclides, Cosmogenic,
Not sure what you mean, but if you mean which different nuclides are used, there are many. Some examples would be tritium, carbon-14, phosphorous-32, calcium-45, etc.
Iodine-123 isotopes decay with the emission of a beta particle, accompanied by weak gamma radiation.
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Let's say an atom is missing a neutron or has an extra neutron. That type of atom is called an isotope. An atom is still the same element if it is missing an electron. The... More »
There are stable isotopes, fractionation and radioactive types. To be honest there are many more types to explore. They are simply different atoms.
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