Types of Plaids?


There are several different types of plaid fabrics. Among some examples are: Tartan Plaid patterns, Buffalo Check, Madras Plaid, and Glen Plaid. Buffalo Check is typically red and black, and common in outdoor clothing, such as that for hunting. Tartan patterns have many intersecting stripes of color in various widths and different hues. Madras Plaid is typical of summer patterns, in a classy fabric. Glen Plaid uses two or three colors at most.
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Clan Tartans and fashion plaids,The largest Fashion plaid is called Buffalo Check and usually has only two colos.The smallest is Pinstripe and can contain any colors you like, and
Plaid, also known as Tartan, helped represent different Scottish families in
plaid/tartan is linked to a family name. this isnt an actual plaid/tartan its a fashion checked design. this site helps you identify tartans. http://www.tartans.scotland.net/tartan_i
Michael Bastian x Gant make an amazing blackwatch tartan button down shirt, I own it - it works great as a shirt and is even thick enough to act as a pseudo rugby shirt esque pullover
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Types of Plaids
You can choose plenty of eye-catching patterns for your wardrobe, but when it comes to classic designs, it's hard to top plaid. Whether it's a plaid skirt, blazer or scarf, a touch of the elegant pattern can dress up any outfit. While all plaids feature... More »
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