Types of Topology?


There are three types of topology. There is local area network which is connected within a geographical area. Then there is the metropolitan area network and the wide area network.
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whatarethetypeoftopology. Network topology is a layout which shows that how a connectivity communicates and the flow takes place in a network. types of topology are 1. BUS topology,
Following are some types of network topologies: (1) Star Topology. (2) Ring Topology. (3) Token Ring Topology.
Linear Bus and Star network topologies seem easy to
DNA topoisomerases control the topology of DNA (e.g., the level of supercoiling) in all cells. Type IIA topoisomerases are ATP-dependent enzymes that have been shown to simplify the
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Different Types of Topologies
A computer network's topology defines the connection and arrangement of its physical devices. IT professionals select a specific topology for a given network on the basis of practicality, cost, security and ease of management. The four basic network... More »
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Types of topology are; Star Topology, Bus Topology, Mesh Topology, LAN Ring Topology, and LAN Tree. These all have a pattern of linking together making a nice organized network of devices. You can find more information here: http://homepages.uel.ac.uk/u0110214/Types%20of%20Topology.htm
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