U Haul Rental One Way?


When moving, sometimes it is necessary to rent a truck. Quite often, you only need the truck for one way, especially if it's a permanent move and you won't be returning to your original location. Luckily many rental agencies, including U Haul, offer a one way rental. The procedure is very simple. You simply visit your local U Haul office and decide on the truck of your choice. Once you arrive at your destination, you can then return the truck to an office in that town.
Q&A Related to "U Haul Rental One Way?"
1. Decide what size truck you need. U-Haul rental trucks vary from the 10 foot for apartments to 24 foot for 3 to 4 bedrooms, in addition to pickups and cargo vans. Visit their sizing
The 10' truck is $19.95 plus 79cents per mile and 14' is 29.95 plus 79cents per mile.
The website U Haul offers a discount section on their website. This page lists the current discounts and specials that are available and is updated regularly.
Without damaging the vehicle: Some U-Haul trucks have vents in the roof. A flexible person could snake their way out of this hole , although this might be difficult if there was nothing
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