What are UPS employee discounts?


UPS employees and retirees are able to register for a shipping discount and may also receive discounts at The UPS Store. Standard discount for ground shipping is 8%.To set up this discount, you should create an account on MY UPS.
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There are a wide variety of discounts given to UPS employees. We, the employees have a website that we log in to (UPSERS.com) that enables us to take advantage of these. There are
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Along with health insurance and tuition assistance, employee shipping discounts are among the many benefits offered to people who work for United Parcel Service of America (UPS). Both current employees and retirees can save on parcel shipment rates as well as items purchased from the UPS Store. Individuals who are eligible to receive this discount must first register at UPSers.com. While family members are authorized to benefit from these reduced rates, UPS strictly prohibits people from allowing others to bill shipments under their employee account.
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