How to Understand Autism Spectrum Disorder?


Admit that your child may have a problem. My daughter was typically developing baby, but when she didn't speak by 20 months, I raised concerns to my pediatrician, and took her for an initial evaluation. Keep an open mind about what you are being
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Autism spectrum disorder is a complex neuro-developmental condition that typically presents in children around the age of 2. Symptoms of this disorder include delays in reaching social
From our video partners Autism Learn about this mysterious disorder. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), also known as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), are conditions with various
1 Begin with naming all the parts. There are 8 parts to the Electromagnetic Spectrum. They are: Radio Waves Microwaves Terahertz Radiation Infrared Light (IR) Visible Light Ultraviolet
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An autism spectrum is used to refer to disorders that are classified as pervasive developmental disorders. These disorders are characterized by social deficits ...
April is Autism Awareness month as it sets apart time for people to learn about autism and spectrum disorders and understand how they impact us in our daily lives ...
Autism is a spectrum condition that can vary from one child to the next. This condition becomes present in the first three years of life. Autism delays natural ...
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