How do you stretch women urethra for sex?


You don't. The urethra is the hole where the urine comes out of a woman or man. The woman's urethra is NOT for sex. Having sex with a woman in the urethra can cause it to stretch and can cause the woman to have loss of bladder control, and to start
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The urethra is a very sensitive organ and stretching it slightly can provide
Urethra is tube which connects your bladder to where your pee comes out. When you get too many UTIs this tube (urethra) can get scars (just like how your skin scar) These scars can
Inserting something into the urethra can be very exciting and very pleasurable. Most men's pee holes are rather tiny and small, which does not leave much choice in objects to insert
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Urethral stretching in women occurs when the urethra is stretched, typically for a medical reason. In years past, this was a procedure performed on women who ...
Stretching the urethra can be very dangerous and very painful. It is typically men that will attempt to stretch their urethra at a young age. They will insert ...
You don't stick his penis up your urethra during frotting. You wrap your foreskin around it. ...
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