Use Bon Voyage in a Sentence?


Use of 'bon voyage' in a sentence is the same as saying, 'Have a safe trip.' An example of the use of this French phrase is,'The parents wished their children 'bon yoyage' as they left the church to go on their honeymoon.'
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1. Insert the "Bon Voyage" disc into your computer. 2. Press the "Start" key on your keyboard. 3. Type "Setup.exe. If you don't have any other installation
the titanic sunk on it's voyage.
Bon Voyage came out later than Seasons. Seasons was released in Feb 2007 and Bon Voyage was released September 2007. A way to solve the problem would be to buy Bon Voyage, Freetime
I had the same problem, with my sister. I worked out if first your sisters uses it and loads the game. So once she is in a neighborhood. You can take out the disc and put in your
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