How do you use "paradox" in a sentence?


The word paradox is a noun and may be defined as; an opinion or statement that is in contradiction with common sense, yet is possibly true. The first known use of the word paradox has a history that dates back to 1540. An example of how to use the word paradox in a sentence would be: The life of a celebrity is often a paradox, they relish in the public eye but seek the protection of their privacy. Synonyms or words with similar meaning to the word paradox would be incongruity, dichotomy, and contradiction.
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1. Look up the word paradox in a few different dictionaries, either in book form or online. This will help give you a few different definitions of the word. 2. Write down the definitions
A paradox is a statement which contradicts itself. For example the sentence 'this statement is false' is a paradox. Also can be used to describe a puzzling or mysterious scenario.
They had to face the paradox that their family, which was the source of so much
A classic is "this statement is false" Building on the ideas proposed by. Nathan Myers. answer, there are a number of other paradoxes that arise when you try to talk about
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