What is the value of a 1934 D twenty dollar bill?


As of 11/2008, $22 retail in worn condition, up to about $30 if only slight wear shows.
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There are many different types of $20 bills with a 1934 date on the
That would depend on whether or not is has been "graded" by a service like NGC,ANACS etc. A "raw" coin or bill is always a matter of what a true numismatist is
Andrew Jackson is the President featured on the twenty dollar bill. Jackson was elected the seventh President of the United States of America in the year 1828.
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The 1934 twenty dollar bill is worth anywhere from $22.54 to $43.00 in December of 2011. The 1934 twenty dollar bill can be purchased at the auction website called ...
The 1934 United States twenty dollar bill was used extensively for medium to large transactions in its time. This was during the time of the Great Depression so ...
A twenty dollar bill from 1934 will be worth its original value or more. You can get the bill reviewed by coin and currency collectors, or by a professional appraiser ...
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