Value of Painting by Maurice Utrillo?


The value if a painting by Maurice Utrilllo is dependant on the year in which it was painted, the size of the painting, and the actual condition of the painting being sold. The value of these paintings also differentiates between countries. In the United States, a limited edition painting that is 13 x 20 inches and 33 x 50 centimeters can range at a price of up to $8,800. This price can change depending on the avenue in which the painting is being sold.
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Hi Terri, This is a tricky question to answer. The scene is the Cabaret de la belle Gabrielle, rue Saint Vincent, Montmartre, Paris. And was a favourite subject of Utrillo. However,
Here's an example of an appraisal, your painting could be a lithograph.….…. A lithograph
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