Vaseline for Itchy Skin?


Vaseline is a good home remedy for itchy skin. Simply apply it to the area where your skin is dry or itchy. It creates a top layer coating which, if used regularly, can cut down on itching and dryness in the winter.
Q&A Related to "Vaseline for Itchy Skin"
Limit the number of showers and baths you take on a weekly basis. Avoid prolonged exposure to the water since it strips the skin's natural moisturizers and allows skin dehydration
1 Check your soap, body scraps, etc and make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in them. Sometimes this can irritate the skin Ad 2 Take a shower and gently rub some body
have you tried. Fully Refined Pure Emu Oil. ? if not please use the Emu oil on effected areas, Studies on Emu Oil. shows it help curing itchy skins and sun burns.
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