Velcro Not Sticking?


Accumulation of foreign materials in the Velcro will make it have problems sticking. The hook side of the Velcro might also be ruined. You can solve this by brushing away the foreign material.
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1. Sew the Velcro back on. If the Velcro is on an item of clothing or a shoe where you can sew it back on, then this is likely your best and longest lasting option. Just use a running
Velcro sticks together by one side having small "loops" and the other side having small hooks.
Velcro works with one surface of rigid plastic hooks, and one with thinner loops of plastic
No only joking, look in office or shool supply sites, they have fibrous boards that are designed for velcro pads on flat cards and shapes. Schools used them all the time at primary
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Uses for Stick-on Velcro
Velcro strips have plenty of uses around the home and garden. They can be used to secure ornaments to the outside of your home. This could include your mail box or perhaps a bird house. You can also use Velcro strips to hang a regularly changed chore... More »
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