Velvet Hat Trick?


A velvet hat trick is a slang term used in an adult manner to describe a sexual act between 3 consenting adults. A hat trick is also a term used when 3 goals are scored during one hockey game by the same person. Many times, when a hat trick is achieved, the fans of the hockey team will throw their hats on the ice as a means of celebration for the three goals that were scored. Velvet is a type of material that is used for making clothing and other types of items.
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A velvet hat trick is in fact where you have sex with a women in all three possible positions, that's a velvet hat trick.
I like where the idea is going, but we're still missing the velvet portion of the quest. At first I was thinking it had something to do with her period, but #1 Ew, gross, and (more
The phrase. velvet hat trick. is slang for one of two things: It can refer to an act of intimacy between three people (2 woman and a man, 2 men and a woman, 3 women, or 3 men) It
Things You'll Need. Hat. Instructions. Start with an easy one. Put your middle finger and thumb on the underside of the brim and your index finger on top to grip the hat. Flip the
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The naughty slang phrase 'velvet hat trick' has an interesting sports-related origin. In the world of sports, the phrase 'hat trick' was first used in cricket when three wickets were taken with three balls, but it has come to be synonymous with three positive plays of the same type occurring in the same game. This phrase is now most commonly heard in regard to hockey. When this phrase was extrapolated to refer to a sexual rendezvous involving three people, it was revised to the more metaphorical 'velvet hat trick.'
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