How do I sign in to Verizon email?


The first thing that Verizon users need is an internet connection. From the main menu, access Verizon online email, then sign in. At this point, Verizon users can check their mail, calendar or any other service.
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1. Access the Verizon email site. If you go to, you will access the Verizon Central website where you can directly access your email. If you enter, you
Verizon email accounts are only available to those who have Verizon internet services. Everyone who has internet through Verizon is given a disk that contains software with prompts
To sign out of an email I would assume you just press the back
As I already wrote here: Imrich Tatiersky's answer to Twitter: Can you reset a Twitter password without the email address? There is no other way.
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Cellco Partnership, doing business as Verizon Wireless, is the largest mobile telecommunications network and wireless phone provider in the United States... More>>
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