What is the formula that indicates that volume equals mass divided by density?


The formula for density, which is mass divided by volume, can be manipulated to have the volume as the unknown. Given the mass and the density, the volume can be found by dividing the mass by the density.

The International System of Units (SI) unit used for density is kilogram per cubic meter. The densities of common substances are known constants. Thus, looking for either the mass or the volume is easy by simply using the formula above. Density can be observed when a helium balloon escapes and floats through the air. This happens because the air around the balloon is more dense than helium.

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Volume=mass/density. This is the formula for finding volume.
You could define a quantity (call it rareness say) = volume/mass. So density = 1/rareness and rareness = 1/density. But in common speech, we (even if we don't know any physics) say
What is density=mass divided by volume so volume equals
1. Calculate volume from the mass and density values. Volume is defined as mass per density unit. To calculate the volume of an object, use the following formula: volume = mass/density
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