How to Be a WWE Referee.?


1. Search the Internet and find a wrestling school's website or phone number. There are schools spread across the United States and Canada. Many of them are owned or trained by reputable pro wrestlers, such as Lance Storm's Storm Wrestling Academy
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Chad Patton, Charles Robinson, Jack Doan, John Cone, Justin King, Mike Chioda, Rod Zapata, Ryan Tran and Tony Smith are all recognized WWE referees/officials.
A WWE referee makes about $50 per show. Can we answer anything else for you
You have to just learn the rules,and try to get a contract with WWE and then you will have to go through developmental but I think you can do it!
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To become a WWE referee you need to develop your wrestling skills at times it might require you to take action in some cases. If you do not have any skills you ...
WWE is an American based professional wrestling promotion based in Stamford Connecticut. For one to become a WWE referee, they must attend a pro wrestling school ...
The salary of a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) referee is currently one hundred seventy five thousand. The purpose of the referee is to make sure the wrestling ...
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