How to Sell Silver Dollars.?


1. There have been seven different issues of American silver dollars. They are the Flowing Hair (1794) Draped Bust Small Eagle (1795) Draped Bust Large Eagle (1798) Gobrecht Silver Dollars (1836) Seated Liberty (1840) Trade Silver Dollars (1873)
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Coin dealers and jewelers do buy gold & silver coins.
It depends on what silver or half dollar
You should sell it to a coin dealer or collector, not to a bank or a pawn shop. 1923 Peace Dollars are made of silver with 90% fineness, and in worn condition, they are worth about
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When you want to sell your silver dollars the key is finding a reputable source in which to do business with. You can take the silver dollars to a collector or ...
The value of a silver dollar depends on how old it is. The older the coin, the more it will sell for. It could sell for a couple dollars, or a couple thousand ...
1. Sell your Canadian silver dollars to your local coin dealer. Go to a coin shop to have your Canadian silver dollars informally evaluated. The coin dealer will ...
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