How can We Control Noise Pollution?


We can help control noise pollution by reducing the noise levels of our radio and our televisions. We can install carpet to absorb noise. And we can maintain our automobiles and machines.
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what is the controlled measures for noise pollution
To identify how to control a noise, first you need to find the source. It could be obvious like a drum kit from the garage or be more subtle, such as a random buzzing sound. You'll
No offense, but your question is a bit too general. If you could be more specific about what noise you want information on, it would help. example: reducing noise at airports? Traffic
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Noise pollution control is control over the excessive, unnecessary, and unreasonable noise. Examples of these kinds of noise include barking dogs, burglar and ...
There are many different things that can be done to reduce noise pollution. The biggest is probably the construction of sound proof rooms for noisy machines used ...
Replace a noisy muffler. Street noise is one of the toughest to tackle, and you can eliminate some by making your vehicle as quiet as possible. ...
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