Ways to Stop Desertification?


Desertification is a process where more land is become like a desert. Fortunately, there are many ways that we can stop desertification. The first thing we can do is integrate land and water management to try to prevent salinization, erosion, and other forms of degradation. Another thing we can do is protect the vegetation throughout the world. Integrate grazing land and farming land when conditions are favorable. This allows for a much more efficient cycling of nutrients in the soil.
Q&A Related to "Ways to Stop Desertification?"
The best way to prevent desertification is to grow shelter belts. Shelter belts are rows of trees planted near the margins of the desert. these will prevent the sand that is carried
Belts of trees and grass can be used to reduce
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1.Protection of vegetative cover can be a major instrument for prevention of desertification. Maintaining vegetative cover to protect soil from wind and water erosion is a key preventive
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