What was Last Weeks Weather?


Last week's weather is basically determined by the location and the time of year. For instance, where I live, last week it snowed almost 2 ft. in 24 hours, however, the weather where my sister lives was hot and sunny.
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Current weather in Little Rock, AR
Mostly Cloudy
81º/59º 27º/15º
81º/64º 27º/18º
86º/64º 30º/18º
84º/55º 29º/13º
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Searcy, AR Sunday Sunny. Highs in the lower 70s.
March weather in Arkansas is reminiscent of atypical transitions from winter to early spring. Temperatures in March reach average highs of around 62.7 degrees Fahrenheit and lows
IT is mostly humid and subtropical. Weather patterns are most likely to change near the borders of the state because Arkansas is surrounded by the Great plains and the Gulf of Mexico.The
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