Where can I find Wedgwood china from Etruria and Barlaston?


There are many rare pieces of Wedgwood China from Etruria & Barlaston.The pieces can purchased individually or by the set. The prices will vary for the Wedgwood China depending on the availability of the china and which pattern is needed. On eBay, there are pieces of Wedgwood Etruria & Barlaston with prices starting at just 99 cents, plus the shipping charges. However, when buying anything on eBay, one should be warned that it may be a forged piece or the piece of china may be damaged.
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What is the value of a statford ovel vegtable dish 6cm deep lenghth 15cm width 10cm etruia & barlaston with ivy patten all inside top inside bowl
If it is in pristine condition $40 - $60.
Wedgwood named his factory, Etruria, after the master potters who occupied central Italy until it was taken by the Romans in the 4th and 5th centuries B.C.
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