How much does a gallon of milk weigh?


The weight of a substance, such as milk or water, for a given amount depends on the density of that substance. What if we want to find the weight of a gallon of milk?

Assuming we're using generic 2% milk at room temperature, we know two things:

  • Its volume = 1 gallon and its density = 1.03 kg/L.

  • Using the volume and the density, we can find the weight with following formula:

  • Weight = Density x Volume.

  • First, however, all of our known quantities need to be in the same units. Let's convert the milk's volume into liters:

  • 1 gallon is equal to 3.78 liters, so we have 3.78 liters of milk.

  • We can now proceed with our equation:

  • Weight of milk = 1.03 kg/L x 3.78 L, so 3.89 kg.

  • Now, let's convert our answer back into an imperial unit, the pound. Here's the equation:

  • 1 kilogram is equal to 2.20 pounds.
  • So the weight of milk = 3.89 x 2.20, or 8.56 pounds.
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    Skim milk has a density of about 1.03500 kilograms per liter; that is the same as. 8.63749364 pounds per US gallon.
    One gallon of any liquid equals 8.345404 pounds.
    1. Begin your day with a glass or two of milk. Incorporate it into every meal. Add it to cereal, smoothies, anything you like, if you get tired of drinking plain milk. 2. Repeat this
    1. Its best to empty out the gallon of milk first, (not necessary, but easier to work with. Ad. 2. Locate the long line that runs from the neck of the gallon down to the bottom. (
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